Has It Really Changed?

Danilo Imson – Has It Really Changed?

Nagbago nga ba?
(Has it really changed?)
September 2011
For guitar solo
Finalist, 2012 HighSCORE Competition and Festival, Italy

* Critiqued and read by Magnus Andersson at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory Recital Studio
October 23, 2011
* Recorded and Critiqued by Manuel Cabrera II, May 2012, Singapore.


The composer, Danilo Imson writes:

There are two dimensional colours presented in this work. The first one being the pitched and the other is non-pitched (mostly percussive). The trajectory of the two dimensions is simply based on experience. There are also moments of repetitions expressed from simple characters of automorphism. To some extent there is an aim to achieve small symmetries within musical events. A visual representation was also utilized in achieving the shape and experience of the macro view of the score. Hence on the last part it is somehow similar on how it all started. One can protest it is not, yet beyond the surface, one can feel it has returned. It has returned bearing a different visage. So has it really changed? This is the question I would like to ask to people who thought had made a difference, in their own self or to others. This is a mere translation of us coming and returning from where we all begun. This is a fact not all can see at a macro or global scale.

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