Music from the Heart

Music from the Heart is a special concert of compositions by Robert Casteels as he returns for another inspired and inspirational journey.

The Orator for 2 violins and electronics was inspired by the 2011 Singapore General Elections. The guitar duet chiaroscuro is a play on light and dark colours. The kaleidoscopic Mirror of Sounds features a trio of Chinese, Indian and European flutes accompanied by a “silent” piano, and Buddhism inspired the piano piece Sui Yuan.

This concert culminates with the world premiere of Music from the Heart, a cycle of eight happy songs that explore positive expressions of human love. Each poem is sung in its original language. Robert went a literal step further by alternating the songs with sequences of sounds of human heart beats that were provided by doctors from the National University Health System.

Robert Casteels’ music leaves nobody indifferent: you like it or you hate it.

Music from the Heart will truly be a memorable evening of exciting music presented by eight distinguished singers and 12 recognised musicians.

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