Chiaroscuro – Robert Casteels

for two guitars (tuned cis, fis, b, e, gis cis and c, g, c, g, b, e)

Duration: 3′

in 1 movement

Composed in 2010

Commissioned by CIC- Crédit Industriel et Commercial- Singapore Branch

Chiaroscuro  (click to listen)

Manuel Cabrera II and Gladwin Pantastico, guitars

Programme notes:

In Italian, chiaroscuro literally means in italian ‘light-dark’. Painters and art historians use this term to designate a particular painting technique with strong contrast between light and dark to express a three-dimensional feel. In this short piece for two guitars, the bubbling ringing tones called harmonics represent lightness in contrast with the darkness of the repeated rhythm. Pitches C, E and B are linked to the acronym of Crédit Industriel et Commercial – Singapore Branch who commissioned this guitar duo for a special cd entitled ‘Asian Resonances’. The first public performance was given by Manuel Cabrera II and Gladwin Pantastico at the Music from the Heart concert by Robert Casteels on July 15, 2012 at the Esplanade Recital Studio in Singapore.


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